Team Building

Themed Dance Workshops

Boosting company morale & creative imagination through fun, interactive dance workshops.

We provide a team building package to build morale and cohesion in your team. Teaching dance styles that promote rhythm and musicality will help improve imagination and problem-solving.

Themes & Dance Styles:
  • Charleston
  • Bollywood
  • Swing & Lindy Hop
  • Salsa
  • Thriller (perfect for Halloween!)
  • We can cater to any theme! Ask and we shall provide…

What does the workshop entail?
A fun dance workshop lead by one of our brilliant professional dancers followed by a creative team-based task and a fun competition. You will learn real dance styles, technique, and rhythm. All workshops will include props/ accessories appropriate to your chosen dance style.

Where will it be held?
The workshop can be held wherever you choose. We can come to you and hold the workshop on site, or we can arrange a venue with refreshments included.

Why book a dance team building workshop?
The workshop will encourage workers to be creative and work as a whole team. It can help production between colleagues, thinking outside the box and problem-solving. Healthy competition builds relations between co-workers as they dance as a team. Improving rhythm and musicality enhances right-brain usage leading to more imaginative work.

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